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Case Study: Brew Pipeline


The Milwaukee based Brew Pipeline is the first direct-access platform between the best craft brewers and distributors in the nation. As an early proponent of craft beer, founder Steve Kwapil organized one of the first independent, statewide alliances in the nation. Additionally, they provide resources to add value for both distributors and suppliers.


Brew Pipeline began working with Giersch Group due to the high cost of accounting fees and lack of timely financials from his former bookkeeper.


Early on in the engagement, a complex relationship with a distributor was noted by the Giersch Group as a potential problem. The Giersch Group immediately set out to resolve the issue, and identified an overcharge of $10,000 by the distributor. The client controller provided documentation showing the overcharge and went on to reconcile payments made to third party, collecting the money owed to the client and resolving the issue. 


The Giersch Group’s thorough and complete onboarding process caused them to recognize and resolve a major financial issue that might otherwise have been overlooked. Brew Pipeline received a refund from the third-party distributor for the overcharge.

“After experiencing a complex problem with a distributor, the Giersch Group took charge immediately and resolved the issue. Even more, they discovered a holding company was overcharging me and I received a significant refund.”

Steve Kwapil 
Brew Pipeline 

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