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Get startup guidance focused on financial results.

The Giersch Group is a small, family-owned consulting firm dedicated to helping small and startup business owners. Our startup consulting services are 100% virtual and available nationwide. With offices in Milwaukee, Brookfield and Madison, we draw many of our clients from communities in southeast Wisconsin.

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities startups face. Our team of experienced consultants is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with tailored strategies and practical guidance to help their businesses thrive.

We don’t just hand you a one-size-fits-all strategy. We collaborate with you to identify your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Our consultants teach you how to leverage your financial data to make informed decisions that drive growth and success.

Invest in Your Future, Maximize Your Potential

Your startup is more than just a business, it’s your passion, dream and opportunity to shape the future. Giersch Group believes in empowering you to make the most of your resources, ideas and ambitions. With our insights, support and startup-focused strategies, you’ll be equipped to navigate the entrepreneurial journey with confidence and clarity.

Book your free consultation to explore how our strategic management consulting can propel your startup forward while respecting your budget. We’ll take the time to understand your vision and craft a customized plan to align with your goals.

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Why Hire a Business Consultant?

Giersch Group’s business consulting services help startups:

  • Gain an objective perspective: Our consultants bring an outside view, challenging assumptions and identifying blind spots.
  • Fill knowledge gaps: With our diverse expertise and industry experience, we provide valuable insights in areas where you may lack familiarity.
  • Conduct thorough research and analysis: Our team has the resources and skills to conduct in-depth market research, competitive analysis and industry trend analysis, arming you with data-driven insights to inform your decisions.
  • Develop strategic plans: From formulating business models to crafting robust tactics and strategies, we help you align your vision with actionable plans.
  • Create roadmaps: Our consultants offer guidance across functional areas including finance, marketing, operations and more.
  • Efficiently hit objectives: Ultimately, our role is to help you realize your business objectives more efficiently and effectively to overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities.

By partnering with Giersch Group for startup business consulting, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, objective perspectives and proven strategies tailored to your business.

Startup Consulting Review

“Having the Giersch Group on our team is like having a personal trainer. They help you surpass your personal best and take the risks needed to make it to the next level. With all we have invested in our business, we wouldn't have it any other way!”

--Pam Foti & Jenny Wagner, Vesta Senior Network

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How Giersch Group Helps Your Startup

Starting a new business venture is a complex journey and requires a wide range of expertise. Our consultants are equipped to provide comprehensive support and assist with any task or challenge specific to launching a startup.

Flexible and Tailored Approach

We offer a flexible, hourly-based consulting model, allowing you to access our services as needed for specific projects or tasks. Our approach ensures you receive the right level of support when you need it most, without unnecessary long-term commitments.

Leveraging Expertise and Resources

Our team brings a wealth of hands-on experience in starting and growing successful businesses. We’ve navigated the unique challenges of entrepreneurship and we leverage our extensive industry connections to provide you with the resources and vendor relationships you need to hit the ground running.

Driving Momentum and Efficiency

Our consultants excel at quickly assessing your priorities, formulating strategic plans and initiating processes to drive progress and keep your startup on track. From business planning and financial modeling to operational optimization and market analysis, we create tangible solutions to improve your performance and help you achieve your goals.

Giersch Group’s mission is to empower startups with the necessary support and expertise to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence and success. Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how our tailored approach can propel your business forward.

Business Plan Consulting Services

Is a business plan necessary?

Absolutely. A well-crafted business plan is an invaluable asset for any startup, significantly increasing your chances of success. It’s a crucial tool that should be a part of every entrepreneur’s arsenal.

Why a solid business plan is vital

Think of your business plan as a GPS for your entrepreneurial journey. Just like you wouldn’t go on a cross-country road trip without a GPS, launching a business without a comprehensive plan is a recipe for getting lost along the way.

A business plan serves as a strategic roadmap, providing a bird’s-eye view of the path ahead. It helps you anticipate potential roadblocks, identify alternative routes and account for details you might have overlooked. A carefully crafted business plan is often a prerequisite for securing funding from investors or lenders. It demonstrates your commitment, validates your idea and instills confidence in your ability to successfully share your vision. With a solid business plan, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the twists and turns of running a startup.

Giersch Group’s business plan consulting services empower you to create a comprehensive and compelling roadmap for your startup. Our experienced consultants will guide you through each step, from conducting market research and competitive analysis to developing financial projects and defining your go-to-market strategy.

3 Reasons Every Startup Needs a Business Plan

You can’t get a loan or pitch your business to investors without a solid plan

Securing funding from lenders or investors is nearly impossible without a comprehensive business plan. Stakeholders need to see the numbers and projections validating the potential you see in your venture. A well-crafted plan demonstrates your vision’s sustainability and instills confidence in your business’s future.

A business plan is an acid test for your business idea

A business plan forces you to scrutinize your idea and identify potential flaws before investing time and resources into a venture with a high likelihood of failure. It’s an opportunity to step back, confront potential pitfalls and find ways to improve your chances of success.

A business plan is fertile ground for new ideas

Developing a business plan requires deep thinking and market analysis to uncover valuable insights and solutions you may not have initially considered. The process also provides clarity into your target and personal motivations, shaping your overall strategy.

Affordably priced business plans

Business plan consulting

Business plan consulting will give you an overview and a clear direction for your business.


We understand startups often face financial constraints. Giersch Group offers flexible and affordable business plan packages tailored to your specific needs and budget. Our process begins with a consultation to understand your industry and goals, and then provide a transparent quote for a customized business plan addressing the unique aspects of your venture.

Whether you need a concise pitch deck or a comprehensive roadmap, our pricing is designed to equip startups with professional guidance without breaking the bank. Let us bring the expertise you need to succeed.

Comprehensive Business Consulting Services

Beyond business plan development, Giersch Group offers a full suite of consulting services to support your startup’s growth. Our experts provide tailored guidance to address your evolving needs, from financial analysis to operational strategies. Drawing from our offices across southeast Wisconsin, we serve businesses and nonprofits throughout Wisconsin and across the nation. Contact us for a free consultation today to explore how our comprehensive services can drive your success.

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Specialized Consulting Services for Startups

Marketing Strategies & Free Online Resources for Entrepreneurs

Our consulting firm shares marketing strategies, business finance insights and accounting tips online:

  1. Marketing cycle overview
  2. Marketing vs. Sales
  3. Building your Brand
  4. Web Marketing
  5. Push & Pull Marketing

Explore more articles and check back often for updates.

Strategy Consulting for Startups: Focusing on the Bottom Line

At larger consulting firms, it’s often challenging to reach your consultant, and your startup may not receive the personalized attention it deserves. Giersch Group’s startup consultants are highly responsive, collaborative and passionate about helping local entrepreneurs succeed.

Our strategic startup business consulting services are laser-focused on financial outcomes, not just elaborate presentations or generic recommendations. We work closely with you to understand your specific goals and needs, offering customized services and pricing models to align with your budget.

From financial management and marketing strategies to operational optimization and human resource guidance, our comprehensive approach equips you with the tools and training you need to effectively navigate entrepreneurship. And our support doesn’t end there - we’re with you every step of the way as your business grows and evolves.

It’s your money, your vision and your future. Let Giersch Group’s expert management consulting expertise help you launch or grow your startup profitably and sustainably.

Book your free consultation at our Milwaukee or Brookfield consulting firm today.

Although our consulting services are available anywhere, we primarily serve businesses located in and around Milwaukee, Dane, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties, including Milwaukee, Shorewood, Whitefish Bay, Glendale, Brown Deer, West Allis, Greenfield, Franklin, South Milwaukee, Oak Creek, Menomonee Falls, Sussex, Mequon, West Bend, Hartford, Kewaskum, Richfield, Cedarburg, Grafton, Saukville, Waukesha, Brookfield, New Berlin, Muskego, Big Bend, Mukwonago, Eagle, Dousman, Wales, Oconomowoc, Delafield, Pewaukee, Hartland, Madison, Middleton, Monona, Sun Prairie and the surrounding communities.


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