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The Giersch Group is always seeking to add professionals to our team. If you would like to be considered for one of the following positions, please read the information below and complete an application. We will be in touch with you.

The Giersch Group is a professional services firm providing excellent financial, HR and strategic solutions for small enterprises.

We focus on improving the three key areas of small business and grassroots nonprofits:

  • Top line revenue
  • Bottom line profit
  • Balance sheet strength

The Giersch Group is a unique company. We're proud to provide outstanding value to small business owners and nonprofit organizations throughout southeast Wisconsin.

Employment with the Giersch Group:

Milwaukee bookkeeping jobs

We are professionals.

The problems faced by professionals can be correctly solved only by a person who has had thorough training. No calling deserves to be called a profession if its tasks and problems are so simple as to be within the grasp of any person of ordinary ability and education. The prerequisite to success in a profession is intellectual power. 

Professionals are unlike most people. They enjoy solving problems that defy easy solutions, and they relish the opportunity to learn the hard things that most people think unnecessary. At the Giersch Group, we call ourselves professionals because we bring the highest level of technical expertise to the small business owner and grassroots nonprofit executive. The Giersch Group team is made up of people who are passionate about solving hard problems. As our experience shows, there are few problems more difficult than those which beset the small business owner and nonprofit executive. Giersch Group professionals are willing and equipped to solve those problems.

We start with the basic knowledge needed to advise a small enterprise. We then apply the judgment and wisdom required to address the problems we find by going beyond what the average consultant would be expected to do.

This going beyond represents more than an intellectual challenge. Even more demanding are the fortitude and faithfulness required to push through to create successful solutions for our clients.

Interested in learning more about how the Giersch Group professionals can help your small enterprise?

Contact the Giersch Group online to apply or to request more information about open positions.
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