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Milwaukee Grant Writing Service

Thinking of grant writing as a linear process – “Write, send, wait for money” is oversimplifying.

In fact, grant writing is an ongoing, cyclical process. If your nonprofit’s relationship with the foundation is to last, it must repeat itself each year. Each key step in the grant writing process is essential and must be done in the correct order consistently.

A professional grant writer with the Giersch Group will help your nonprofit make the most of limited resources by streamlining the grant writing process. From initial research to full proposals and grant reporting (and all the details in between) our grant writing services make the entire process more efficient and effective.

Giersch Group's grant writing services make the entire process more efficient and effective for:

  1. Initial research
  2. Full proposals
  3. Grant reporting
  4. And all the details in between

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Guiding Our Clients towards Successful Grant Proposals

Each step in the grant writing process requires special expertise and attention. Follow-up is a crucial component of each stage and often the most time-consuming part of the process.

Even after researching the foundations you are interested in, you need to find out how they want to be approached. The vast majority of foundations do not accept unsolicited proposals, which requires a good deal of networking and creativity.

Winning a grant is a highly competitive undertaking, and our grant writing consultants will give your nonprofit an edge.

Professional Grant Services for Milwaukee Nonprofit Organizations

The Giersch Group professional grant writers support nonprofits every step of the way in obtaining grants and maintaining the relationships to renew them. We work closely with our nonprofit clients to understand your organization’s mission. A professional grant writer will help your organization save time and money by developing successful grant proposals so your staff can focus on daily tasks.

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