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Building an Ideal Board of Directors for Your Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit Board Development Planning & Recruitment Services in Milwaukee, Madison & Brookfield

Milwaukee Nonprofit Board Building and Recruiting Service

The Giersch Group offers board building and major donor cultivation services as part of our general fundraising counsel. However, we can also help you with board development as a standalone service.

Because a major donor prospect is nearly identical to the sort of board members you are looking for, it makes sense to think about major donor cultivation and board building as two ways of achieving the same objective.

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Major donor cultivation recognizes the importance of building relationships with donors to ensure a positive future for the organization. Board building helps identify and recruit those individuals who can contribute to the organization in a leadership capacity. We also provide professional bookkeeping support for nonprofits so you can use timely and accurate financial information to better run your organization.


Donor Cultivation Helps Build an Effective Board of Directors

Donor cultivation and board building rely on the use of existing networks as well as identifying prospective relationships through recommendations and research to involve key constituents in the organization.

How the Giersch Group’s major donor cultivation service enhances your nonprofit:

  • Defines the ideal board member
  • Creates a database of known targets
  • Clarifies the goals of the board to improve its functionality
  • Defines and targets major donors
  • Expands funding sources to increase financial stability
  • Minimizes extensive searches for donor replacement by cultivating existing and new relationships

Deliberate Board Building for Excellence in Nonprofit Governance

Few things are more important to a nonprofit than to have a strong board of directors. Our board building services will help your nonprofit improve and grow your governing board.

The purpose of the Giersch Group’s board development service is to strengthen and increase membership of the board of directors while better equipping new and old members to fill their role as promoters and fundraisers to help build and grow your organization.

How the Giersch Group’s board building service helps your organization:

  • Improved frequency and quality of board involvement
  • More efficient and effective board participation
  • More appropriate and helpful level of oversight
  • Increased fundraising effectiveness and donor pool
  • Ever-expanding network of supporters

Nonprofit Board Recruitment & Development Service

A Giersch Group consultant will conduct a monthly 2-hour meeting with the executive director and board membership committee to identify the short term goals for the board of directors and target board members.

Our systematic approach involves reviewing the organization’s current strategic plan, by-laws, policies and procedures before defining the perfect board member and their role. Once a database of target board members is in place, our consultants will help you prioritize and create individual approach strategies for each potential board member.

Help Finding Board Members for Milwaukee Nonprofits

Assembling and maintaining a strong board of directors is key to the effectiveness and sustainability of your nonprofit. The Giersch Group has the resources and experience to help your organization set up and manage board membership, donor cultivation, fundraising and more.

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