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Board Services Provided by the Giersch Group

Board services for small businesses in Milwaukee

For small business owners, management is simply running the business. And it is often up to the small business owner to wear all of the management hats – HR, finance, marketing, quality control, etc.

The Giersch Group’s consulting practice is aimed at helping small business owners and nonprofit executives fill that management role in a way that is organized, comprehensive and effective.

What makes our board services better than other advisory board or business roundtable services is our focus on financial results. Board services from the Giersch Group will teach you to use your financials to manage your business.

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Board services are designed to give small private companies the benefits of a board, without the oversight. Included is our monthly management discussion and analysis meeting that helps owners run their business based upon solid managerial principles.

Benefits of Board Services from the Giersch Group

Small business owners and franchise business owners using our board services have seen a number of advantages including:

  • Reflection on operating results
  • Anticipation of business concerns
  • Discipline in business practices
  • Advice on current and long term business issues

This annuity service is one of our primary offerings at our Milwaukee management consulting firm. Utilized on a monthly or quarterly basis, this service will provide the value and discipline that boards offer to public corporations. Annual meetings are not sufficient to give the necessary attention to the business.

Outline of Monthly Board Services Meeting

Monthly meetings are recommended. While quarterly meetings give a measure of board benefit, small private companies profit from the discipline and culture change which occurs from monthly meetings.

In each monthly meeting we will cover the following agenda in moving the organization forward:

  1. Review of financial statements 
  2. Discussion on driving revenue
  3. Topic of the Month related to the business cycle
  4. Current issues you wish to discuss

Our monthly board service meetings include topics of the month we bring to the table.

Board Service Meeting Topics of the Month:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Tax Planning
  • Product Mix
  • Financial Statements
  • Compensation Planning
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Systems Management
  • Market Position

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What is the Purpose of a Board?

  • Oversight: make sure everyone is doing their job (required by law)
  • Discipline & focus
  • Reflect & consult on current issues and anticipate the future

Why Private Companies Don't Have a Board

  • Don’t want oversight, want independence (think they waste their time)
  • Don’t want bad business practices exposed
  • Desire confidentiality for business details

What do I Need for Board Service Meetings?

  • Previous month’s income statement
  • Beginning and end of prior month balance sheet
  • Prior month cash flow statement

What do the Giersch Group Business Management Consulting Board Services Cost?

The typical fee for board services is $1000 per month, plus mileage and expenses. This can vary based upon the complexity of the business and the necessary work between meetings.

Strategic Board Services in Milwaukee, Brookfield, Madison & the surrounding areas

Give your small enterprise the benefits of a board without the overhead. The Giersch Group will guide your business toward greater prosperity with regular strategic management consulting through our board services.

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