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The Giersch Group can help your business improve bookkeeping processes, provide actionable business analysis, and overcome the issues limiting your success. We share case studies of clients we've helped so you can get a better idea of how our services create real results.

Milwaukee consulting firm case studies

The Milwaukee based Brew Pipeline is the first direct-access platform between the best craft brewers and distributors in the nation. As an early proponent of craft beer, founder Steve Kwapil organized one of the first independent, statewide alliances in the nation. Additionally, they provide resources to add value for both distributors and suppliers.

Common issues small businesses face

Brew Pipeline began working with Giersch Group due to the high cost of accounting fees and lack of timely financials from his former bookkeeper.

Solutions for Milwaukee small businesses

Early on in the engagement, a complex relationship with a distributor was noted by the Giersch Group as a potential problem. The Giersch Group immediately set out to resolve the issue, and identified an overcharge of $10,000 by the distributor. The client controller provided documentation showing the overcharge and went on to reconcile payments made to third party, collecting the money owed to the client and resolving the issue. 

Positive results for Milwaukee organizations

The Giersch Group’s thorough and complete onboarding process caused them to recognize and resolve a major financial issue that might otherwise have been overlooked. Brew Pipeline received a refund from the third-party distributor for the overcharge.

“After experiencing a complex problem with a distributor, the Giersch Group took charge immediately and resolved the issue. Even more, they discovered a holding company was overcharging me and I received a significant refund.”

Steve Kwapil
Brew Pipeline

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Jim Wirtz's Woodworks business logo

Case Study: Jim Wirtz's Woodworks

“The Giersch Group helped me turn my business around at a crucial time and even stepped in to do our accounting when my bookkeeper resigned suddenly. Ultimately, Peter helped me sell the business. He was very helpful.” Jim WirtzJim Wirtz's Woodworks  
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Falbo Bros Pizzeria business logo

Case Study: Falbo Bros Pizzeria

“Giersch Group helped me take care of many lingering issues with my former accountant, who had gone silent on us. They got us all caught up and introduced me to one of their partner CPA firms to file my taxes.”  Kelley McClane Falbo Bros Pizzeria Read more testimonials
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Catch-22 Creative business logo

Case Study: Catch-22 Creative

"We turned to the Giersch Group following the resignation of our part time office manager of 10 years. The transition was seamless. The entire Giersch team was sensitive to our needs and helped us improve our systems to create more efficiency. We not only appreciate the fact that they have been sensitive to c...
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Carmel Builders business logo

Case Study: Carmel Builders

“We’ve worked with Peter Giersch for many years. Throughout that time, Peter was very responsive. He was sensitive to the issues that face a family owned business being passed on to the second generation and was tactful in communicating what we needed to accomplish to get it done! As a result, the...
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Caitlin Carmody Stables business logo

Case Study: Caitlin Carmody Stables

“The Giersch Group is so much more than just a bookkeeping firm. They have helped me to better understand profit margins and pricing and have worked with me on thinking through a long-range plan for success.” Caitlin Carmody Caitlin Carmody Stables LLC Read more testimonials
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Tredo Group LLC business logo

Case Study: Tredo Group LLC

“I've worked with Peter Giersch on and off for many years. He and his team have helped me with M&A, management and strategy. They took over our books a few years ago and have done a solid job. I recommend them highly.” Jeff Tredo Tredo Group LLC
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Vesta Senior Network business logo

Case Study: Vesta Senior Network

“Having the Giersch Group on our team is like having a personal trainer. They help you surpass your personal best and take the risks needed to make it to the next level. With all we have invested in our business, we wouldn't have it any other way!” Pam Foti and Jenny Wagner Vesta Senior Network Re...
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