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Nationwide Bookkeeping Service for Dry Cleaners & Laundromats

Giersch Group provides bookkeeping and accounting services for dry cleaners & laundromats in Milwaukee, Madison, Brookfield, and nationwide. Our CPAs will handle your bookkeeping from start to finish or train you in QuickBooks™ so you can do it yourself. We’ll also provide you with cost-effective business consulting to help take your laundromat or dry cleaning service to the next level.

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Virtual dry cleaner accounting

Accounting and bookkeeping for dry cleaners & laundromats

Manage expenses, get paid faster & make informed decisions with Giersch Group virtual bookkeeping.


While we draw many of our clients from southeast Wisconsin, our services are 100% virtual and available nationwide. We’ll make sure that you’re tax compliant, help you budget, and provide you with monthly reporting so you can track your progress. 

Failure to maintain accurate accounting records can cause: 

  • An audit from the IRS
  • Financial and legal consequences 
  • Lack of business growth 
  • Companies to go out of business

At Giersch, we understand you work hard and don’t necessarily have the time to deal with the accounting side of your business. Don’t lose your business due to a simple accounting mistake. Leave your bookkeeping and accounting to the experts at Giersch.

Dry cleaner accounting & tax compliance

When you work with Giersch, you’re not just buying another accounting service. You’re buying the peace of mind that your financials will always be accurate, complete, and ready for every tax filing deadline. Our CPAs will help you with: 

Small business monthly financial reporting package

outsourced construction accounting and consulting services in Wisconsin


Get all of your accounting information in one, easy-to-digest package each month. We take the best practices used by the biggest accounting firms and tailor them to small and mid-sized businesses. Our reporting includes: 

  • Beginning balance sheet for the period
  • Ending balance sheet for the period
  • Income statement for the period v. budget and/or previous period
  • YTD income statement v. budget and/or previous period
  • Cash flow statement for the period
  • Company dashboard of basic financial ratios

We won’t just throw these numbers at you and move on to a different client. Our CPAs take the time to explain all these metrics and suggest ways to use these numbers to grow your business and improve your bottom line.

Laundromat accounting software: Quickbooks

QuickBooks™ is the most popular accounting software on the planet, holding about 85% of the retail market. Giersch knows how to get the most out of Quickbooks™ and can help you with: 

QuickBooks accounting & consulting

  • QuickBooks™ installation & set-up as a standalone service
  • A review of your books to ensure accuracy
  • Training on how to view & interpret your financial statements
  • Training on how to use QuickBooks™ advanced features
  • Ongoing support for QuickBooks™ programs including payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, job costing, customized reporting, and inventory tracking
  • Complete bookkeeping support and regular reporting in full accrual accounting

Meet your virtual bookkeeping team

Giersch Group virtual bookkeeping for dry cleanersGiersch Group takes a unique approach to bookkeeping. Each client will receive attention from three team members

Controller: The controller serves as your personal account manager. They’ll work with you directly to make sure your financial goals are being met. 

Bookkeeper: Your bookkeeper is responsible for putting all of your business’s financial transactions into financial statements. 

CFO: Giersch Group CFOs are our most experienced team members. They oversee the entire process and tackle the most complex tax and accounting problems. 

Most bookkeeping relationships follow a similar pattern: 

  1. Assessment & Set-Up: We assess your current financial situation and put together a plan moving forward. 
  2. Triage & Repair: We get caught up on bookkeeping and repair the existing inefficiencies. 
  3. Standardization: We create a new, standardized reporting process moving forward.

Free bookkeeping services consultation for dry cleaners & laundromats

All accounting, bookkeeping, and consultation services are 100% virtual and available anywhere in the country. If your dry cleaning or laundromat business needs help, don’t delay. Contact the accounting and bookkeeping experts at Giersch Group today.

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Bookkeeping testimonials

bookkeeping firm review from Milwaukee remodeling company

Team Carlson LLC dba Sport Clips Haircuts

"We have been using the Giersch Group board services for about 2 years now and have been very happy with the process. In particular the monthly financial analysis really helps us dig into our balance sheet, income statement and cash flow in a way that we weren't doing on our own."

accounting services review from Wauwatosa home remodeling business

Lake Geneva Horse Riding School

"The Giersch Group helped me turn my business around at a crucial time and even stepped in to do our accounting when my bookkeeper resigned suddenly. Ultimately, Peter helped me sell the business. They completely turned around my situation."

bookkeeping and accounting service review from Chicago-area design firm

Milwaukee Woodworking Company

"The Giersch Group is so much more than just a bookkeeping firm. They have helped me to better understand profit margins and pricing and have worked with me on thinking through a long-range plan for success."

Read more testimonials and case studies from Wisconsin businesses we've helped or contact us for a free consultation today.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do dry cleaners & laundromats need bookkeeping?

All businesses need to keep track of their books. Bookkeeping helps a business manage its cash flow, meet financial obligations and avoid audits and penalties from the IRS.

Why should a dry cleaner or laundromat outsource accounting?

Outsourcing your accounting allows you to save money and focus on what you do best— providing excellent service to your customers. You get full control, choosing which services to outsource and only paying for what you need, avoiding the cost of hiring a full-time in-house accountant.

Is a dry cleaning business profitable?

Yes. Dry cleaning businesses are easy to manage and scale and don’t require a large initial investment. With just a small investment (between $9,000-$52,000), one can reasonably expect to be making between $84,000 and $500,000 in revenue per year.

Is dry cleaning a business expense?

Depends. Dry cleaning costs are tax deductible as long as the clothes are also tax deductible, (i.e. they’re only used for work).

What is the best accounting software for dry cleaners & laundromats?

Quickbooks is the best accounting software for dry cleaners & laundromats. Our experts are well versed in Quickbooks and can educate you on exactly how to set up and maintain an account.

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