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Case Study: Caitlin Carmody Stables


Caitlin Carmody Stables offers riding lessons, along with training and sale of horses, specializing in show horses. Owner and trainer Caitlin Carmody is an Olympic medalist who wears many hats running her stables: meteorologist, veterinarian, chemist, biologist and horse trainer. 


Caitlin came to the Giersch Group with a desire to have better financial statements and to better understand them. Additionally, CCS is a partnership and Caitlin was looking for help with the Giersch Group's M&A services to begin planning a restructure of the partnership. 


The Giersch Group stepped in to take over the bookkeeping and payroll. The Giersch Group sorted out some issues they had with their payroll provider and then introduced them to one of their partner CPA firms to help CCS with personal and business tax returns. Through analysis of the books they provided guidance to help Caitlin better understand profit margins and pricing. A monthly consulting meeting by phone helps Caitlin address ongoing challenges to the business plan as they arise.


The Giersch Group's experienced team of bookkeepers helped Caitlin gain greater understanding and control of her finances without the financial strain of taking on full-time bookkeeper herself.  The Giersch Group M&A team helped Caitlin better navigate and manage the changes in the partnership.  Caitlin continues to work with the Giersch Group so she can spend less time behind a desk, and more time with the animals she loves. 

“The Giersch Group is so much more than just a bookkeeping firm. They have helped me to better understand profit margins and pricing and have worked with me on thinking through a long-range plan for success.”

Caitlin Carmody 
Caitlin Carmody Stables LLC 

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