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Case Study: Smiley Barn


The Smiley Barn is a specialty toy store and retro candy shop located in a beautiful century-old landmark barn in Delafield, Wisconsin.


Maria was committed to outsource the bookkeeping for her new entrepreneurial adventure to free up her and her staff’s time to focus on growing the business, but the local firm she hired could not answer her questions and failed to deliver timely financials.


Maria and Peter had met a year earlier on an airplane. When she lost faith in her initial bookkeeper, Maria reached out to Peter and The Giersch Group took over the Smiley Barn's bookkeeping and immediately began providing timely and accurate monthly financial statements. The Giersch Group also helped to model out a 1-year budget and a 3-year forecast.


Maria had more time to focus on growing her business. When COVID-19 hit, Maria contemplated taking back the books from the Giersch Group, but ultimately decided that she was better off outsourcing to the Giersch Group so that she could spend more time on high level tasks such as strategy and marketing.

“The Giersch Group team has been extremely responsive. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Maria Luther 
Smiley Barn 

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