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By the numbers - 60 seconds

Hi. I'm Peter Giersch from the Giersch Group - bookkeeping and consulting. There's never been a better time to be a business owner. Entrepeneurs like us see opportunity everywhere because we are optimists. You work through lean times secure in the knowledge you will turn the corner and reap the rewards of the opportunity you recognize. Seize the opportunity of this point in time and the Giersch Group will help you maximize your opportunity now and going forward. By your numbers, we'll minimize, even eliminate, future lean times. Giersche's bookkeeping and business mentoring consultants will help make sure you get the numbers right, grow your profits, and stay strong. Regardless of what politicians say, we are not all in this together. It's you against the world - you and the Giersch Group that is. Yes, you did build this and now you need to protect it. We've got your back. When the Giersch Group balances and keeps your books balanced, you'll have clear financial paths to run on. You're going to win with a trusted partner in your corner. Fostering success by the numbers - Giersch Group. That's

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